Cineworld Sheffield to 'stop selling’ Tango Ice Blast and customers aren’t happy

One of the best things about going to cinema, aside from the film, is the assortment of snacks you can feast on.

By The Newsroom
Saturday, 27th April 2019, 10:59 am

From popcorn to Pick and Mix, everyone needs something to munch on as they settle in for a couple of hours at the cinema.

And, if you’re heading to a Cineworld cinema, then you get the added luxury of knowning that you can even order a Tango Ice Blast to keep you refreshed.

But, that may not be the case any more.

Cineworld Ice Blast

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    Reports are circulating that the beloved Tango Ice Blast will no longer be available at Cineworld, instead replaced by an Icee, made by Vimto.

    Predictably, the news has not gone down too well with customers with a Facebook group called ‘Keep Tango Ice Blast in Cineworld’ created.

    They posted: “It turns out it's something called Icee that is starting to replace Tango Ice Blast at Cineworld Cinemas and feedback is it's not good! Let's fight to keep sipping on Tango Ice Blast at Cineworld.”

    Customers have been quick to express their disappointment with the news.

    May Louise said: “I am a HUGE slushy fan and I just have to say that Tango Ice Blasts are literally my favourite slush of all time, they’re worth every penny and I always go out my way to buy one at the cinema, I literally cannot explain how much I enjoy and love them and if they ever left me I might cry.”

    Siobhan Cooke said: “If you get rid of ice blasts there’s no point going to the cinema.. that’s all I go for so byeeeee cinema.”

    Customers have even been getting in touch with Cineworld to express their outrage.

    Charlotte Tyson tweeted; “@cineworld have stopped selling Tango Ice Blasts and have consequently lost my custom. Hi @ShowcaseCinemas, see you tonight.”

    Mol tweeted: “@cineworld Cancelling my unlimited card unless you bring back Tango Ice blasts #bringbacktangoiceblasts”

    Kait tweeeted: “@cineworld getting rid of tango ice blasts is the biggest betrayal I’ve ever felt.”

    Cineworld has been contacted for a response.