Weaving the Threads of 1984

Threads 1984
Threads 1984
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Sheffield-based docu-drama Threads is to be screened against the backdrop of the city’s skyline as part of the Sensoria Festival.

Written by Kes author Barry Hines for the BBC, the memorable film shows both the events of a nuclear attack and its longer-term effects on the people of Sheffield.

Sending shockwaves through the country when it was shown in 1984, the film is still starkly relevant.

Being screened at Sheffield’s South Street amphitheatre overlooking the city at 7.30pm tomorrow, this promises to be a unique experience.

Sensoria is the UK’s annual festival of film, music and digital art, bringing extraordinary events to venues across Sheffield over this weekend.

Indie rockers Esben and the Witch provide a live score for the surreal film La Antena in the Upper Chapel, whilst artist Matt Stokes’ Threads-inspired film and audio installation, In Absence of the Smoky God, has been commissioned by Sensoria and Site Gallery.

It is on show at the Brown Street gallery until November 8.

The programme also features a premier radio broadcast, Kafka Chic.

Narrated by Graham Fellows (aka John Shuttleworth), and featuring members of Heaven 17, The Human League, ABC and Cabaret Voltaire, it contrasts the music scene in the early 80s and now.

Festival director Jo Wingate said: “We are really proud of this year’s programme, there will be lots of great audience experiences from the skyline screening of Threads to a scented cinema and even a chance to collectively listen to a festival radio drama whether together in our listening cafes or at home”.

Details: www.sensoria.org.uk