VIDEO: Valhalla at Sheffield Adventure Film Festival

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Valhalla is the tale of one man’s search to rediscover the freedom of his youth - to be screened at this year’s Sheffield Adventure Film Festival.

With hard-hitting ski and snowboard action complementing a more narrative-driven approach, we follow one man’s escape into the Northern woods.



The Outdoor Times Tony O’Donnell sums it up: “Valhalla isn’t so much a film about skiing as a film with skiing in it. It’s an action film, and it’s a love story...a bold, pioneering film. The powder porn is present and correct, of course, and aficionados will be well pleased with that facet of Valhalla, but there is much else to enjoy in this thoughtful, original and beautiful film. If there is a bar to be raised in the genre of ski film, it is now that bit higher.”

VIDEO: Press the play button to watch the official trailer.

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