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Brotherly love burns bright and lights the fuse on a powder keg of messy emotions in Scott Cooper’s slow-burning and sporadically violent revenge thriller.

Christian Bale is Russell, a hardworking steelworker sent to jail after a drink-drive accident. He comes out to find his war damaged brother Rodney’s (Casey Affleck) spiralling gambling debts to bookie Willem Dafoe have forced him to take part in illegal bare-knuckle boxing fights organised in decaying, abandoned factories by psychopathic hillbilly drug dealer Woody Harrelson. When Rodney goes missing, Russell ventures into this lawless territory in search of answers.

Out Of The Furnace

Out Of The Furnace

Out Of The Furnace would be straight-to-DVD fodder were it not for the riveting performances. As the reluctant avenger Bale puts himself through the emotional wringer, while Harrelson is a deliciously repugnant thug,