Projector lets travelling cinema really go places

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A pop-up cinema in Sheffield can now show bigger and brighter films thanks to a new projector.

The equipment for the Magic Lantern Film Club was funded by a grant from the Co-operative Membership Community Fund and it means the cinema experience can be taken to more people in more places.

The club has been holding monthly film screenings for the past two-and-a-half years, using a different venue for each screening and choosing a location to match the film where possible.

The aim is to offer people a relaxed and sociable place for watching films.

The club is run voluntarily by Melanie Pearson, Alison Geldart and Jenny Sutton.

Alison said: “Before we were limited in where we could put on a screening, because our projector just wasn’t bright enough.

“It had to be really dark or else we couldn’t see the picture very well.

“This new one is much more powerful, so we have more flexibility.”

Melanie said: “We spent so much time up ladders putting up blackout.

“With the new projector, we can bring a quality cinema experience to more people.”

The next event is a screening of Even the Rain to round off the Green Fair at St Mary’s Church, Bramall Lane, on Saturday.