City writer Hayley is searching for George Clooney – and for investors in her film

Hayley Nolan
Hayley Nolan
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When Sheffield-born actress and writer Hayley Nolan decided to produce a film screenplay, she went for a fantasy shared by millions of women – dating George Clooney!

Hayley, who is on a young writers’ programme with the Royal Court Theatre in London, has also written and starred in Credit Crunch: the Musical for the famed Pineapple Dance Studios.

She said: “Last year I lived in Hollywood for six months, which was a bit of an adventure. I wanted to go out there and see what contacts I could make.

“I met Nadia Jordan, who is a producer with her own production company. She pitched this idea to me which she thought would make a great TV show but I thought it would make a great indie film, a rom com which we could show at film festivals.”

They also decided to raise the money by crowd funding on the website indiegogo. The idea of crowd funding is that anyone can invest money, from $10 upwards, in return for various rewards depending on how much they pay. These include having their name listed in the credits or written into the film itself, or getting free tickets to screenings.

Hayley said: “I just thought it’s a great way for ordinary people who have nothing to do with the movie industry to become involved.”

The film, which Hayley describes as an updated Shirley Valentine story, follows the kooky adventures of Poppy. She is a bored British housewife who decides to go off in search of her dream man, George Clooney, when her marriage breaks down.

Hayley appears as Poppy’s LA therapist.

One of her strangest acting jobs was making personal appearances as the official UK Barbie. She said: “It turned out to be quite nice. I got to go to Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital in London and make sick children’s dreams come true to meet Barbie.

“I also had to turn up at the Barbie film premiere at Harrod’s.”

Hollywood is certainly a long way from Stannington, where Hayley lived until the family moved away when she was 10. She lives in London now but comes back to the city at Christmas to see her family.

Hayley first performed with Darnall Operatic Society and her dad Bernard was their pantomime dame for many years. She also performed in an opera at Sheffield Children’s Festival.

Hayley’s sister Korin is a TV presenter who has worked on Channel Five daytime show The Wright Stuff. She has also co-written a book called How to Cook in High Heels.

n To see a trailer of the film, go to IndieGoGo or www.LookingForGeorgeClooney. com. The chance to invest in the film ends on September 19.