TRAMLINES: Shakespeare’s plans some folky fun for the festival

High Hazels
High Hazels
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For those looking to combine music and real ale this weekend the Shakespeare’s pub has some folky fun planned for Tramlines.

Acts will include Neil McSweeney, King Capisce and High Hazels.

The pub on Gibraltar street regularly hosts live music.

For the full line-up see the list below:

Friday July 24

5:00pm - Tin Amps Present Gypsy Folk in the Stable Yard : Holy Moly and the Crackers

A lively, moonshine mix of Romani, gypsy folk and Americana. From Newcastle then. Obviously.

6pm-6.30pm. Bard’s Bar – The Hokum

A psychedelic folk-tinted rock four piece purveying fast paced and upbeat tunes.

7-7.30pm – Bard’s Bar – The Clench

The sound of the bourbon soaked Wild West, Sheffield style.

7.30-7.55pm Tin Amps Present: Hedge Gods

‘Analogue dance’: a fusion of globe-trotting rhythms and a gypsy bent to skiffling acoustic guitars.

8 – 8:30pm Bard’s Bar: Chris Murphy & Boxer Genius

Melodic rock with a hint of the Blues in the witty Sheffield song-writing tradition.

8.30 – 9pm. Tin Amps Present: Lee Parry

Must see must hear lyrical troubadour from Manchester, reminiscent of Jeff Buckley & Elliott Smith.

9 – 9.30pm. Bard’s Bar: Dave Woodcock & The Dead Comedians

Up the tempo with some bracing and bruising, foot stomping rock and roll

9.30 - 10pm Tin Amps: Solana

Party time. The kings and queen of gypsy folk bless us with their multi-cultural rhythms.

10-10.40pm. Bard’s Bar –High Hazels

Perhaps Sheffield’s most promising up and coming band. Soulful, heartfelt melodic rock music.

11.10 – 11.50pm – Bard’s Bar - King Capisce

Instrumental Jazz-rock fusion band. Dissonant. Direct. Complex.

Saturday July 25

2-2.45pm. Bard’s Bar – Friends Of Batman

Sheffield’s most raucous, eccentric and downright entertaining superhero band return to start the party.

2.45-3.25pm Bard’s Bar– The Fates

A Capella folk foursome purveying witty and entertaining songs not always in the traditional vein.

4 -4.30pm – TBC

5-5.30pm. Bard’s bar – Hobo Conspiracy

A chaotic and entertaining blend of folk and early Seventies style rock music

6pm-6.30. Bard’s Bar - Thundersuckle

Sheffield’s own self-made degenerates play rock and roll with big choruses and songs about girls.

6.35-7pm. TinAmps present in the Stable Yard: On The Seventh Day God Made Guitars - Blayne Flint

A heavily 90’s inspired, three-piece punk rock band from Yorkshire, England.

7pm – 7.30. Bard’s Bar – Montagues & Capulets

Riff led Indie band fresh from their critically acclaimed debut album released last year.

7.30 -8pm – TinAmps present in the Stable Yard: Bonetti

Experimental and as zany as you are. You’ll luv ‘em. Sheffield recipe.

8-8.45pm. Bard’s Bar – Brave New Storm

Award winning Sheffield indie-folk band blending traditional folk music, with an epic contemporary edge.

8.45-9.30pm TinAmps present in the Stable Yard: Scaramanga Six

Purveyors of loud noise and louder shoes. “An evil version of a pop group.”

9.30pm – 10.15pm. Bard’s Bar – Rita Payne

Breath-taking vocal harmony, mesmerising guitar riffs and toe tapping beats from this modern folk-pop duo

10.15-11pm TinAmps present in the Stable Yard: Special Guests TBC

11.15-12.00pm – Das Chip Shop

Infectious and hi tempo Pop punk with a Sheffield accent. Put your hands up…..

Sunday July 26

WagonWheel & Neil McSweeney Present:

3.00-3.30pm Blue Rooster (Stable Yard)

Sheffield based alternative blend of original blues/country/rockabilly

3.30 - 4pm Joe Solo (Bard’s Bar)

Trying to change the world with a guitar, a harmonica and a marraca in his shoe.

4.00-4.30pm Richard Kitson (Stable Yard)

“...a deeply rooted blend of folk and blues delivered with outstanding technical ability.”

4.30-5pm Anytown (Bard’s Bar)

An acoustic folky sound and intricate songs about peope and places

5.00-5.30pm William Barstow (Stable Yard)

Folk, blues and Americana from Manchester, where they do that well.

5.30-6pm The Jansky’s

Sweeping guitar hooks and beautifully crafted harmonies.

6-6.30pm E,R Thorpe (Stable Yard)

A singer songwriter from darkest Nottinghamshire

6.30-7pm Walton Hesse (Bard’s Bar)

An incendiary blend of country-tinged guitar pop and experimental noise

7-7.30pm Pete Gow (of Case Hardin) (Stable Yard)

A solo set from the front man of one of Britain’s premier live Americana acts

7.30-8pm Mat Wale & Friends (Bard’s Bar)

Lo-Fi and grass roots ethic, Mat Wale and his ensemble.

8-8.30pm Robert Chaney (Stable Yard)

Music Written in the bleached out swamps of South Florida: a hard-core stripped-down survey of ballad, blood, and bone.

8.30-9pm Ash Gray & Couch Fire (Bard’s Bar)

Texas Brewed Rock with a spoonful of Blues and punk!

9.00-9.45pm Pete David (of The Payroll Union) (Stable Yard)

The Payroll Union are an Americana band with an obsession for American history. Pete David is their frontman.

9.45-10.30pm Neil McSweeney (Bard’s Bar)

Sheffield’s own folk, blues and country troubadour