VIDEO PREVIEW: Disney On Ice 100 Years Of Magic at Sheffield FlyDSA Arena – highlights and backstage tour

GRAB your Mickey or Minnie ears, wave a light up sword or twinkling wand and don't forget that slush drink and popcorn.

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Monday, 4th November 2019, 5:15 pm

Yes folks, it's back. And this year's Disney On Ice celebrates 100 Years of Magic when it skates in for nine shows at Sheffield FlyDSA Arena from November 6 to 10.

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It all started with a mouse almost a century ago - now Feld Entertainment’s largest ice production currently touring sees Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse as the original hosts.

A cast of over 50 of Disney’s most beloved characters will bring to life The Lion King and Beauty and the Beast, and for those awaiting Frozen 2 later this year, there’s a segment from the original for you to enjoy here too.

Toy Story 4 fans are in for an extra treat – this tour marks the first time a segment from the hit film will have been seen on ice in the UK, including the appearance of new character, Forky, exploring adventure in friendship with Woody, Buzz Lightyear, Jessie and Bo Peep.

This fanfare production brings 14 stories and over 30 songs to life with a sing-along score of classic songs to get you singing and dancing out of your seat, including the likes of Hakuna Matata, You’ve Got a Friend in Me and Let It Go fills the arena.

Rock out to Turtle Rock with Nemo, Dory, Squirt and his turtle friends, fall in love with a musical montage of dazzling prince and princess pairs skating to At Last I See the Light, A Whole New World and more.

Touring a Disney On Ice show is something of a mammoth task and it takes the crew roughly 12 to 14 hours to set up the production in each new city.Up to 20 trucks transport the show from city to city, and the European leg of the 2019 tour will cover thousands of miles.

Disney On Ice celebrates 100 Years of Magic boasts 50 skaters who, between them, wear 225 costumes. The fastest costume change is Mulan armour into dress, which takes just a matter of minutes.

A team of 40 people worked on the costumes and the average laundry loads per week range from 42 to 45.

Elsa’s Ice Palace is the largest of the props in the show, weighing an incredible 2,200lbs. The set itself weighs approximately 12 tons, with 164 moveable lights and a sound system with 16,200 watts of power.

Mickey and Minnie back to host Disney On Ice 100 Years Of Magic at Sheffield FlyDSA Arena from November 6 to 10

Stunning choreography, beautiful costumes and intricate sets, all helping to create more memories to last a lifetime.

Head of props Branden Stewart knows how important his job is to create that Disney magic - his team look after and repair more than 100 hand made custom props, from Forky's backpack to Elsa's Ice Palace, and all those moving lights

No wonder he makes a special wish when he's cleaning Aladdin's lamp.

On a backstage tour he tells me: "You know, I have to be very careful because some of our props have pyrotechnics in them. So when I'm cleaning Aladdin's lamp, my biggest wish is that the pyrotechnics fire successfully every time and look really great for the audience.

Friend Like Me ice highlight with Aladdin and lots of Genies

"We work closely with Disney representatives to make sure all the props, made mostly out of foam, steel and aluminum, match as close as they can to the things you'll see in the movie."

Most young Disney On Ice fans grow up wanting to be an ice prince or princess and Michelle Fee was no exception.

The 25-year-old from Florida, one of the show's ensemble skaters, said: "I have been with Disney on Ice for two years now and I would love to be a princess one day, hopefully getting to portray Anna and Elsa. I would just love to be out there singing all those wonderful songs.

"We have over 200 costumes in the show. As an ensemble skater I get to wear about 10 of them during our hour and a half performance, which is really fun for me because I love putting on things that are you sparkly, I can't resist a good sparkly dress.

"Elsa's dress is beautiful, and I would love to get to wear it someday. It has lots of crystals and it matches her Ice Palace perfectly. We also have lots of sparkly Bumblebee costumes, which are very, very cute.

"The costumes play a very big part. If you're rehearsing something and you're just wearing your normal skating athletic attire, and then you put on the costume for it, it definitely changes the whole feeling. And you get a little bit of excitement when you're getting out there to perform.

The costumes play a big part - Elsa's dress is beautiful and I'd love to get to wear it someday, says Disney On Ice ensemble skater Michelle Fee

"We have a great wardrobe department. It's three people that travel with us everywhere. They do any repairs and make sure the costumes are perfect, in beautiful condition for the next performance.

"This is a show for everyone to enjoy, all generations can find something that they love. We have 14 different Disney stories that we tell and there's over 50 characters so pretty much anyone that you love from the Disney stories you're going to find here. We can't wait to see all of the smiling faces in the crowd. So make sure you come out and we can wave at you while we're in Sheffield."

Terry Lawton, an ensemble skater, is also in charge of maintaining and looking after everyone's skates.

He explained how the blade has a double edge with a concave hollow between them. The two edges allow for a better grasp of the ice, even when tilted. Because the bottom of the blade is slightly curved, as the blade tilts to one side or the other, the edge which is in contact with the ice also curves.

He said: "One of the most common questions I get is how often do people have to sharpen their skates? It's like saying how often do you get your hair cut? Everybody's different. Ice temperatures can make a difference. What are you doing in the show?

"Each blade has a different radius, with an outside and an inside edge - it's not a flat piece of steel, it actually has a concave edge."It's really important to keep a constant speed and a constant pressure to get a nice sharp outside and inside edge. And that's what allows us to skate on the ice."

Beloved Disney characters celebrate 100 Years of Magic
Rock out to Turtle Rock with Nemo, Dory, Squirt and his turtle friends