The Sherlocks' Kiaran Crook tells us all about their new album World I Understand

The Sherlocks Kiaran Crook spoke to Chris Hallam about changing faces, working with the Manic Street Preachers producer and their new album, World I Understand.

Tuesday, 18th January 2022, 10:26 am
Updated Wednesday, 19th January 2022, 3:12 pm

The last two years have been pretty weird to say the least. While the rest of the world was on pause there was no such luxury for The Sherlocks who were undergoing somewhat of a rebirth.

In the music industry though, sometimes change is good and in March 2020 that’s exactly what happened. The guitar and bass-playing brothers, Josh and Andy Davidson, decided that they wanted something different outside of music, leaving the Crooks in a position where they would have to find new members… in a world on pause.

“To be fair, they were going to leave anyway but it was unrelated to Covid which was the weird thing which we only heard about because we were told the pubs were being shut. The timing just worked out like that. I just carried on, I could still write songs, we could still go in the studio. To be honest it takes a lot to stress me out, perhaps I’m too laid back.”

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Sometimes it’s better not trying to carry the weight of the world on your shoulders, focusing on what you’re doing instead. “As bad as it’s been, even with Covid not being a thing. Me and Brandon would still have had to replace band members and likely would have had to pull out of a load of shows or played gigs we weren’t ready for. So, I guess it’s been a bit of a blessing in a weird way.”

Nevertheless, Kiaran and Brandon cracked on, hitting the studio reinvigorated by the addition of Alex Proctor, a guitar fret ‘wizard’ and the supreme bassist Trent Jackson, before heading straight into recording a new project.

“It’s a 10-track album called World I Understand, we recorded it in Wales”

The Sherlocks album World I Understand comes out on 21st January, 2022

"We did it with Dave Eringa which was a lot of fun. And I know this is what everybody says but I do genuinely believe that we nailed it. It’s our best album yet”. For the follow up to their sophomore album they worked with Dave Eringa the famed Manic Street Preachers producer in Monmouthshire, Wales.

“It was a bit strange being in Covid, we contacted the two lads, had two band practices and went straight into the Rockfield, it’s pretty nuts when you think about it. But we became really close quickly”.

“That’s partly the reason why it’s turned out so well, we had that freshness of having two new lads in, who had never been in a studio like the Rockfield which is a residential studio. Like us they were just buzzing to be there.”

“It’s amazing to make a record where you feel fully satisfied with and I’ve been sat on this record for a good year and a half, and I still wouldn’t change a thing about it.”

The Sherlocks latest single, which is out now, also takes its name from the album, World I Understand

Confident words and expected ones when you’re promoting your latest project, but honestly having spent a few hours listening to the album now, I’m inclined to agree. This all comes without inadvertently knocking previous efforts.

There has been a steady evolution in the music from the lads over their journey to date and this album features all the ingredients of a band that deserve to be noticed.

In the summer of 2021, The Sherlocks performed at Sheffield’s Tramlines Festival, something the band had done before but not in their latest incarnation. “It were a bit nerve-wracking not for me, but for Trent and Alex. That was their first gig with us and it was probably the biggest one we did in the summer. It were squeaky bum time but they pulled it off”

“I think that we’ve tried to do music that speaks to our current fans, who’ll love it anyway and also to those who are new, there’ll be a song on there that connects with them. I’d like to think that people can get at least one tune from it and get into our band. But you never know, it could be a flop.”

The Sherlocks return with their third album, World I Understand, and two new members in Alex Proctor and Trent Jackson.

“We’ve never been really good at making an album that has a theme, not like a Sam Fender who probably writes around 60-songs for an album. I don’t do that. I will do around 15-songs tops and then do an album. I don’t like wasting songs. I’m nowhere near as prolific as that”. Nothing goes to waste and it’s a testament to how well crafted the range of songs that appear on the album actually are.

As ever Kiaran remains remarkably frank about their output, but it says a lot about Kiaran and The Sherlocks as a whole. Why sweat the stuff you can’t control or what isn’t true to you? Just be honest, do your thing and if the people like it, bonus.

Genuinely though, nothing seems out of place on World I Understand. It showcases an even more expansive sound that incorporates styles of bands like the Manic Street Preachers, Oasis and The Last Shadow Puppets, all while retaining the hallmarks that lets you know you’re listening to summat by The Sherlocks. It’s a tricky balance to acquire but in the words of Kiaran they’ve “nailed it”.

The Sherlocks third album World I Understand will be released on January 21, 2022. Their single named after the album World I Understand is out now. You can get tickets for their UK tour on The Sherlocks website.

World I Understand is out 21st January.
World I Understand by The Sherlocks will be released on January 21, 2022 and if you pre-order now on iTunes it's available for £4.99