The Otherness plan LMIRL debut album UK tour

South American indie rockers The Otherness are planning a UK tour to live up to the name of forthcoming debut album LMIRL - Let’s Meet in Real Life.
The OthernessThe Otherness
The Otherness

They hope to perform live and meet fans again across Europe later this year as global pandemic restrictions ease and more entertainment venues re-open.

The catchy, energetic four piece - imagine the The Beatles meets The Beach Boys with an Argentinian twang - have twice played at Sheffield Tramlines fringe festivals.

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Since their last appearance in 2018 they have won over more fans with radio plays thanks to the likes of Steve Lamacq on BBC Radio 6.

LISTEN: The Otherness have released a lead single from the album, Few for the Stew - listen to it here on Spotify CLICK HERE.

LMIRL, the 12-track album recorded in Buenos Aires and Berlin in the middle of Covid-19 pandemic, follows on October 1. They hope to play UK and mainland Europe dates between October and December.

The Otherness founders Martin and Gonzalo put the band together in La Patagonia, Argentina - the place they call 'the end of the world'\' –

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Drummer Pablo joined by the end of 2010 in Buenos Aires. Nico on lead guitar completed the line-up in the winter of 2020 in Berlin.

After a couple of DIY UK tours the group started to release indie singles that were featured on BBC Sounds. BBC 6 Music stellar DJ Steve Lamacq has chosen the boys among the hottest new acts to follow.

The Otherness were the first group in the history of Argentine music to be interviewed for the prestigious London magazine NME.

They were also, the first independent and self-managed South American group to place 6 original songs on BBC 6 Music, BBC Sounds and BBC Music Introducing.

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Having toured the UK and Europe in 2019 for the first time (Germany, the Netherlands and Denmark), the project had the goal of promoting the protection, improvement and proliferation of new spaces for guitar music and emerging artists.

LMIRL - Let’s Meet in Real Life.LMIRL - Let’s Meet in Real Life.
LMIRL - Let’s Meet in Real Life.

The band had an unusual impact on both the European alternative music fans and the specialist UK rock press. Now, they are ready to share their music vision and ethos in a wider global range.

In September 2020 the band signed to Motor Music from Berlin and released a 4 track EP titled, A Glimpse Into The Otherness, to introduce their sound in the German-speaking DACH region.

The Covid-19 pandemic made it impossible for the group to carry on with another promotional European tour due to the closing of the borders.

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However, during that same period of time they composed and arranged the material that would end up in their upcoming 12 track debut album

The Otherness to tour debut album LMIRLThe Otherness to tour debut album LMIRL
The Otherness to tour debut album LMIRL

It was produced by Gaspar Benegas, in Buenos Aires and mastered by Felix Davis, at Metropolis, in London.

The lyrics touch on subjects including human relationships, gun violence, corruption, climate change, pop culture, sexism-feminism, the consumer society shaped by the influence of new tech and social media, addictions, mental health and freedom of expression.

Martin said: "This might sound too serious, but it’s not... It’s just a rock album, meant to explode in the speakers and get people ready to celebrate the beautiful and complex fact of being alive right now.

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"LMIRL (Let’s Meet In Real Life) was recorded in Buenos Aires and Berlin in the middle of Covid-19 pandemic and fires in La Patagonia. The album was produced and mixed by Gaspar Benegas and mastered at Metropolis London by Felix Davis.

"The 12 track album is full of excitement and melody with an intensity both in performance and sound that it’s meant to blast in your speakers and headphones.

"Musically, we are in front of a crossover between rock of all ages and modern- contemporary pop."

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