Sheffield's top five best value for money gigs revealed including Shaggy, Adam Ant and Sugababes

If you are looking for some of the best value for money gigs in Sheffield, we have got you covered as here are the top 11 value for money gigs.

Latest research from Heart Bingo looked at the top music acts currently touring the UK and compared their average ticket prices.

And using eight different criteria, the bingo company analysed which gigs are the best value for money in Sheffield.

The value for money is calculated based on the number of singles, awards and streams.

So without further ado, here are the best value gigs that have taken place in Sheffield:


Coming in first with a Best value for money score out of 100 is Reggae artist, Shaggy with a score of 62.10 and tickets priced at £27.17.


Coming in second with a score of 36.25 out of 100 is the musical pop group Sugababes with their tickets priced at £44.89.


Placing third is the popular musical pop group, Westlife with a score of 130.25 with a ticket price of £29.98. Their tour may also already be sold out with the last available resale ticket being used, despite the fact the dates are in late November.

Adam Ant

The fourth is New Wave musician, Adam Ant. With a best value money score of 24.28 out of 100 and with his Tour tickets priced at £44.15.

Will Young

In fifth position is pop singer, Will Young with a best value for money score of 21.82 out of 100. His tour tickets are priced at £64.40 and may have unfortunately sold out despite his tour date being set in late October.