Sheffield's The Sherlocks living for moment of album release

The Sherlocks are, from left, Josh Davidson, Kiaran Crook, Brandon Crook and Andy Davidson.The Sherlocks are, from left, Josh Davidson, Kiaran Crook, Brandon Crook and Andy Davidson.
The Sherlocks are, from left, Josh Davidson, Kiaran Crook, Brandon Crook and Andy Davidson.
A band of brothers from South Yorkshire admit they are living for the moment they release their debut album.

The Sherlocks will release their first long-player, Live for the Moment, on Friday, August 18 – and frontman Kiaran Crook describes it as “the soundtrack of seven relentless years of hard graft”.

He says: “I think for a lot of bands getting your debut album out is the pinnacle of what you have been building toward – it’s a chance to get our stuff together and showcase what we are about.”

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Kiaran admits the band is “lucky” to get a chance to release an album, as “a lot of bands don’t even get that opportunity”.


The Sherlocks – Kiaran, brother Brandon on drums, Josh Davidson on guitar and his brother Andy on bass – have come a long way since forming in 2010, originally starting as a hobby to pass the time.

In their early days, the brothers from Bolton upon Dearne used to cover songs by The Jam, The Beatles and The Rolling Stones, playing in working men’s clubs.

But from playing small venues in South Yorkshire to fewer than 100 people, things have transformed as The Sherlocks, now based in Sheffield, are selling out venues up and down the country.

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Kiaran says: “The clubs were a good learning curve, as we learned how to play together as a band and how to handle a playing to a crowd, but it is crazy how it has grown.

“Every time we play we can see it’s getting bigger.”

Looking ahead, he wants to play to bigger and bigger venues – something they will get a taste for when they support Kings of Leon at Sheffield Arena next week, as well as supporting former The Verve frontman Richard Ashcroft at Manchester’s Castlefield Bowl at the end of the month.

“We always see supporting people as a chance to gain fans,” says Kiaran.

“It’s different from a headline gig, because it is not your crowd, but you just go out and play your best stuff as you don’t get long. Just go out and hit them hard.

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“When we go on stage, we make sure we play the best we can and sound the best we can.

“We are not just supporting people to gain fans. We are doing it because we genuinely like them.

“It is good to meet people as well – hopefully we will bump into the Kings of Leon and also Richard Ashcroft.”

Since their debut single, Live for the Moment in 2014, the band has gone on to release six more, with each one becoming more and more popular.

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“After releasing Chasing Shadows our Spotify has gone through roof, doubling from our last single alone,” says Kiaran.

“It’s ridiculous how much we’ve grown.”

“What started as a hobby has turned into a job, people are buying our music and coming to our gigs, paying money to see us as well as paying for hotels and train tickets – it’s just crazy.”

But Kiaran admits the band’s family affair – as well as his brother on drums, his dad is the tour manager – is a big help.

“We have ups and downs but all brothers do,” he says. “I think being brothers only helps the band as we seem to gel more.

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“With my brother, he’s got his life and I’ve got mine, we haven’t fallen out, but neither are we in each other’s pockets.

And having their dad around them “is good as it stops us from going off the rails”, says Kiaran, adding that the “best thing about having him is knowing you can trust him”.

Kiaran says: “If we sound shocking one night he’ll just tell us, and that honesty is part of the reason we’ve got this far – although sometimes he’s too honest.”

Live for the Moment is now available for pre-order from