Sheffield young Greentop Circus performers’ High Hopes for future

A group of talented young Sheffield circus performers are sharing their High Hopes and feelings on climate action by using their circus skills to the face the future.

Monday, 15th July 2019, 24:00 am
Updated Wednesday, 17th July 2019, 16:37 pm
Rehearsals for High Hopes at Greentop Community Circus, Sheffield

Trapeze, hoops and silks virtuosity on an outdoor aerial rig combine with stunning acrobatic balancing and choreography as Troupe hold on tight in responding to the challenge of our time.

Troupe has been established by the city's Greentop Community Circus to showcase the talent of 15 young acrobats, dancers and performers aged 11 to 24, selected from across the city region to co-create shows with director Eleanor Hooper and Greentop’s lead teacher, Dot Appleby.

High Hopes is inspired by the young people’s feelings about climate change and recent youth campaigning for climate action. It is being performed as part of the A Future Fantastic festival, inspired by Victorian social activist John Ruskin’s aspirations for building better futures to present ideas for today.

Troupe cast member Emily Kane-Horsler said: “It’s a really special opportunity as you have the chance to make new routines and apply our circus disciplines to send a message about issues in our society to the audience”

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Greentop Centre Director Teo Greenstreet said: “Troupe is at the heart of Greentop’s charitable mission of growing creative opportunities for young people in the region of the highest quality. It’s bringing aerial, gymnastic and dance talent together to train, create and make amazing shows.”