Sheffield theatre show Steve tells the story of a superfan's obsession

Sheffield Local Theatre show, SteveSheffield Local Theatre show, Steve
Sheffield Local Theatre show, Steve
Steve, a show looking at the ups and downs of being an obsessive fan, is on stage in Sheffield.

The show is written and performed by Joshua Coates, a founder member of theatre company Powder Keg, who appears solo on stage for the first time.

In the story a security robot named Steve appears to have drowned itself.

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This viral event catches the eye of Josh and an obsession is born.

The story asks what happens when a fanatic loses trust with what they obsessively adore?

Steve is supported by Arts Council England and the Unity Theatre Trust and was commissioned by Camden People’s Theatre.

The one-hour show runs from September 25 to 28 with performances starting at 7.30pm at Local Theatre in Snig Hill.

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