Sheffield mental health organisation invite all to summer independence celebrations.

A celebration of Jamaican independence is coming to Sheffield this summer to mark the 60th anniversary of the country’s independence.

By Errol Edwards
Thursday, 28th April 2022, 12:49 pm

ADIRA, a thriving mental health organisation which has been in existence for nine years, is partnering with Sheffield City Council, Sheffield Hallam University and other local organisations, as well as businesses, to put on a free celebration called Likkle Jamaica.

In recognition of the importance of the 60th anniversary of independence, the group says it has created an event that will allow the whole community to celebrate as one people under one banner, recreating and celebrating everything about Jamaica, here in Sheffield.

There will be a carnival atmosphere with everything from live performances from Jamaican artists, jerk pans, food stalls and micro businesses owned by young entrepreneurs to a dominoes corner, a church tent, and dedicated spaces for children, young people and the LGBTQ+ community.

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Event flyer

Fashion shows involving young people, including those in care and young carers will take place on an outdoor catwalk.

Young people will also have the opportunity to celebrate and learn about Jamaican roots along with becoming involved in the African-Caribbean community organisations.

“Likkle Jamaica is a celebration of Jamaica's independence,” she said.

Likkle Jamaica

“I never personally, even though I'm Jamaican, celebrated independence day. I simply don't have the time, not with my schedule.

“But when I found out this year was the big one I thought I cannot let the 60th go and not light up Sheffield.”

Ursula says she felt empowered to create the event after the success of Sheffield’s first African and Caribbean Market held on Fargate in October last year.

“We did in two months that should have taken a year to plan,” she explained.

Likkle Jamaica 60th Celebrations organisers

“The footfall increased by 30,000 in one week, and 10,000 on The Moor, because we put some activities on The Moor as well.”

Ursula went to the council and told them what was being planned for August’s celebration.

“They loved it and said ‘can we be involved?’”

The council suggested using Devonshire Green and also agreed to build a catwalk to accommodate the ambitious plans.

“We're going to have Sheffield’s first outdoor Catwalk,” said Ursula.

“We’re going to have four fashion shows on that day, with a dedicated youth section.

“There’s going to be a carnival, with stalls and live music and live performances throughout the day.”

The event aims to appeal to all as a totally inclusive event with various areas for people to visit.

“We’re going to have a young people's corner for our teens, we’re going to have a kiddies corner for fives and under. We’re going to have a LGBT+Q corner.

“We’re also going to have a church tent, because in Jamaica you can’t walk five metres without a church on every corner, “ laughed Ursula.

Dominoes is a popular board game amongst many Jamaicans, and this will also be recognised.

“We're going to have a dominoes corner and dominoes tournament .

“National pride that's Likkle Jamaica in a nutshell.”

There will be other organisations and stalls on show with the police and fire service attending.

The celebration will take place on Devonshire Green on Saturday, August 6 from 10am to 10pm.

Anyone wishing to book a stall, or get involved can contact