Sheffield band's new single set to blast off to the Moon

A space rock band from Sheffield is living the fantasy by getting one of its songs blasted off to the Moon.

By Robert Cumber
Wednesday, 10th March 2021, 12:13 pm

Into the Red’s new single, fittingly titled Take Me To The Water On The Moon, will be carried to the moon on board the Peregrine Lunar Lander, which is scheduled to touch down this July.

NASA has teamed up for the mission with Astrobotic, which has offered people the chance to send their mementos, like photos and music, alongside the scientific equipment being carried to the lunar surface

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Sheffield band Into The Red, whose new single is being sent to The Moon

Into the Red’s bassist Callum Mitchell, who lives in Ecclesall, explained how the band had taken up the invitation after spotting a post on Reddit from someone who had ordered a ‘Moon Box’ from Astrobotic and was asking people to help fill the memory card.

“It’s really cool to be able to say our song’s going to the Moon,” he said.

"We actually wrote the song before we knew it would be going into space and we chose the title after NASA announced last year that water had been discovered on the sunlit surface of the Moon.

“A lot of our songs deal with space as a metaphor and this one’s about recovery and the first stages of getting over heartbreak or loss.”

The new single was released last Friday and will be available on Spotify from next Friday, March 19.

It features on the four-piece’s second EP, Wavelength, which was written and recorded in isolation during lockdown and is scheduled for release on April 2.

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