New Sheffield play My Apologies looks at art of saying sorry

The first in-house production at Sheffield’s Local Theatre is on stage at the new Snig Hill art centre this week.

By Julia Armstrong
Tuesday, 18 June, 2019, 11:18

My Apologies follows the story of young couple Paula and Jane, and every scene between them contains a moment when one says they’re sorry.

Writer Joe Willis said: “The idea came from last year when I was having a conversation with someone about the amount of times I personally say the words ‘I’m sorry’. They put in this jar for me and each time I said it I had to put £1 in the jar. That became a sizable amount over a few months!

“That sparked an idea in my head, especially in terms of relationships and the idea of compromise as a huge factor in keeping them going.”

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The play moves backwards and forwards to different times in the relationship, both funny and poignant.

My Apologies runs until Saturday. Tickets: