“I always knew I wanted to sing" - Kyle Rawson on how Sheffield has defined him

Sometimes you can tell immediately that what you’ve just heard is something that is truly special, it’s a feeling that has remained omnipresent throughout my repeated playthroughs of Kyle Rawson’s debut single — our introduction to Sheffield’s newest talent, one who is certain to draw parallels to the likes of Sam Smith and that’s not such a bad thing.

By Christopher Hallam
Tuesday, 11th May 2021, 11:23 am
Let Me In (Fading) - single cover
Let Me In (Fading) - single cover

Let Me In (Fading) is a beguiling, fresh and evocative song that he wrote in its entirety during the first lockdown. “It was just really tough for everyone and no one really knew what was going to happen or what was happening.” It’s annoying that someone can encapsulate a mood so succinctly right out of the gate, yet you can’t help but align yourself to the message contained within. I also can’t shake the feeling that the heavy synths in use are eerily similar to the David Guetta and Kelly Rowland song, ‘When Love Takes Over’... in a good way but still very much its own thing.

Hailing from Halfway but currently living in Manchester, Kyle speaks of Sheffield and his family with fondness - and gratitude - for the close, comforting familial structure that has remained steadfastly supportive of his dreams and ambitions. “I’ve literally been brought up, completely surrounded by music, my mum and dad constantly played it around the house”, and the evidence is right there on his Instagram where you can see three-year-old Kyle singing and dancing to ‘Sounds of the Underground’ — it’s also his earliest memory.

There’s a modest, yet effortlessly endearing aura about Kyle, whether he’s talking about his journey or simply letting his lyrics do the talking there’s a measured, steadily evolving confidence in his tone. It’s refreshing to speak to someone who is quietly going about honing his craft, seemingly oblivious to the fact that his debut single is really quite an astonishing introduction.

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Kyle Rawson

The last year has tainted things for us in many ways but how you perceive that so-called taint and visualise the opportunities that arise out of such moments in life is what defines you going forward, undoubtedly this is something you can’t help but apply to Kyle’s path. He came home in the first lockdown, to be with his family rather than alone in his apartment. In his own words, “Sheffield is where home is”, it remains a safe space where he can experiment and fine tune to his heart’s content.

He has been taken under the wing of Sheffield’s Steelworks Studios, where he’s since been guided in the art of music creation, vocal exploration and also given the opportunity to gain a deeper insight into the music industry. And he’s taken this chance with both hands, without rushing himself creatively, “I never write a song in order, I always end up writing, just what comes natural. In this song, I actually wrote the pre-chorus bit first, just because it stuck with me… because it’s catchy and everything just fell into place after that really.”

Everything about Kyle seems measured and quietly self-assured, he’s eager to share his music with people, to tell his stories, but he’s not rushing himself. It’s a key reason why he hasn’t booked any live performances just yet, purely because he “didn’t want to go out and put out a sound that was unsure about”, instead he’s spent the last three years finding his ‘true’ voice, all in preparation for now. And prepared he is, coming armed with a plan because “I never want people to sleep on me, never to forget, just reminded that I’m there.”

Let Me In (Fading) could well be the siren call that not only introduces people to the blossoming and burgeoning talent of this young man, one who speaks of our inability to communicate for fear of saying the wrong thing and ruining it all. But if we don’t speak, how will we ever get our message across and be open about our feelings? It’s something we both ponder for a moment. There’s no right or wrong answer here, yet it’s apparent that Kyle has something to say and his debut single showcases his tentative steps to say the right thing — even if “I stutter again” as he intones at one point. It’s a song that he’s hoping will resonate with how people have felt at some point… and I can’t help but feel he’s right about that.

Locked in thought

Let Me In (Fading) is out now on Apple Music, iTunes, Spotify, YouTube and on social media.

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Twitter: @_kylerawson

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