Fortunes Favour: Watch short film celebrating Ed Cosens debut album

Sheffield music star Ed Cosens’ acclaimed debut album Fortunes Favour is now being celebrated with a short film – a ‘coming together’ of his four music videos.

By Graham Walker
Friday, 30th April 2021, 10:33 am
Updated Friday, 30th April 2021, 10:33 am
Fortunes Favour singer songwriter Ed Cosens with dancers Emily Barber and Dom Coffey
Fortunes Favour singer songwriter Ed Cosens with dancers Emily Barber and Dom Coffey

WATCH: Ed Cosens Fortunes Favour short film is available to watch on YouTube – CLICK HERE.

GET ALBUM: Fortunes Favour is available now on all music platforms – CLICK HERE.

Directed by Dan Thorburn and Flat Cat Films, the music videos, cleverly edited into a 15 minute film, interpret songs using contemporary dance.

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Filming during a national lockdown and a global pandemic provided new challenges for the film’s production team, with choreographer Emmy Lahouel being conscious of the proximity between the two dancers, Dom Coffey and Emily Barber.

It cleverly infuses movement from walking into dance, effortlessly mirroring the emotive feel of the songs and its prominent themes of romance.

Having spent many years co-writing and performing live with Reverend & The Makers, this is Ed’s coming-of-age project for the singer and guitarist, who realised his solo storytelling naturally found its own sound.

The film, which also stars Ed on screen performing his songs, was shot in and around his native Sheffield to pay homage to the city’s music and arts scene, in recognition of the influence it has had on his songwriting.

The opening scene sees a boy, Dominic Coffey, playing Jack, walking beside the river being reminded of a girl, Emily Barber, playing Amy.

When Jack learns that Amy is leaving Sheffield for a new job, the two reflect on their romance and history in their city, revealing the impact of their mismatched memories.

Fortunes Favour explores the lost love between Jack and Amy and wonders if their differing perceptions of the past can be realigned by a grand gesture of apology and vulnerability.

Director Dan Thorburn said:“ The creative process for making the film Fortunes Favour took the short time frame of just one month. In that time, we transformed a personal story of Ed’s into a 4-part choreographed dance/drama piece.

"Dance in film is something that has always interested me, and during my initial discussions with Ed, I felt that his story leant itself to this medium.

"I began working with Emmy Lahouel, a Manchester-based choreographer, who arranged the fantastic contemporary-movement with dancers Dom Coffey and Emily Barber.

"This started initially with simple pedestrian movement to Ed’s tracks, and grew larger alongside the emotion of the characters into the fluid end result. This, coupled with the tireless efforts of the crew, who worked through the wettest October weekend on record, culminated in the dramatic and visceral end result that we all feel just justice Ed’s powerful music.”