Doncaster theatre to see exciting show explode on stage

How You Gonna Live Your Dash is the latest production to explode on to the stage from Jenna Watt, one of Scotland's most visionary theatre makers.

The show, which is at Cast in Doncaster in February, explores the life-altering decisions we make in order to get the most out of our time on earth.

Based on real life testimonies and featuring beautiful pyrotechnic effects, this epic performance looks at the moment people choose to detonate their own lives, the smokey fall-out and how they piece together a new future.

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From giving up a high-flying career, confronting an addiction and dropping it all to move to a new continent, How You Gonna Live Your Dash looks at how people live their lives and the momentous decisions they make.

How You Gonna Live Your Dash is performed by Jenna Watt and Ashley Smith.

The show features lots of pyrotechnics that are fired by Jenna and Ashley as part of the show.

Jenna will be running workshops as part of the tour and she is going to be working with Sheffield University MA students.

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The students will learn about Jenna’s process for making work and how she devises shows.

They will have the chance to try out the techniques in creating their own curtain-raiser performance.

The short piece, lasting three to five minutes, will be performed before the show in Doncaster on Saturday, February 6.

Jenna Watt is an award-winning writer and theatre maker based in Glasgow.

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She is best known for creating work that explores social and political issues using real-life testimonies as source material.

In 2012, Jenna won a prestigious Scotsman Fringe First award for her production Flâneurs at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

Jenna wrote Flâneurs after a close friend was attacked and mugged in London.

Shocked to discover that bystanders witnessed the attack on her friend, Jenna struggled to understand what prevents witnesses of violent acts from protesting. She asked whether ‘one punch is enough’ to provoke an intervention.

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The show examined why particular urban areas gain and retain a reputation for being rough or even dangerous and asked what can we do, if anything, to change our own relationship to where we live.

She is currently working with with the National Theatre of Scotland to make a new work about the nuclear submarine base Faslane and the debate around Trident missiles that will be seen this summer.

Cast box office: at the venue, call 01302 303959 or go online at