Day Fever Sheffield: 'I went to hit daytime disco and witnessed a special moment'

The highly anticipated daytime disco impresses at the iconic Sheffield City Hall Ballroom.

On Saturday afternoon revellers cladded out in sequined-attire and their best threads flocked to Barker’s Pool for Day Fever UK - the daytime nightclub that is taking the nation by storm.

It is the brainchild of Jonny Owen and Bafta-winning actress Vicky McClure, along with iconic Reverend and the Makers frontman Jon McClure, his brother Chris and their friend Jim O’Hara.

They have put on sold-out shows in London, Nottingham, Sheffield, Manchester and Merthyr Tydfil, and have further dates in various venues throughout the UK.

The 800 tickets for Sheffield’s City Hall Ballroom sold out in within a day and it was clear to see why. It is a truly unique event with great music and a friendly, jovial atmosphere.

The event, aimed at over 30s, runs from 3pm to 8pm and the music spans two decades from 1975-1995 whilst iconic video clips play on a large video wall across the stage.

The first to take to the decks was Chris McClure aka Steve Bracknall - the social media personality known for his highly humorous football coach skits.

He was swiftly followed by Kavita, a Sheffield-based lawyer who bought some decks during lockdown and became a viral sensation who has since gone on to support the likes of Pete Tong and DJ all over the globe.

Radio Sheffield presenter Becky Measures also took to the decks along with Jon and Laura McClure who received a rapturous ovation.

A special moment came when Chris McClure announced over the microphone that a couple who were in attendance were celebrating their 33rd wedding anniversary. The crowd parted and a spotlight beamed down on the couple who danced along to The Real Thing’s ‘You to Me Are

Everything’ – a very special moment with 800 onlookers shining camera phones and arms aloft singing and swaying in unison.

It was evident by the facial expressions and hum of cheerful chatter and enthusiastic singing that all in attendance were having a great time.

The Day Fever UK team have plans to expand the event throughout the UK. “The idea is to do it once per month in every major city so people can go along, get to know each other and have a great time every Saturday afternoon,” co-owner Jonny Owen revealed.

“We will be going into thirteen cities, including Sheffield and possibly two more in Ireland in the coming months and we are all incredibly excited,” Owen added.

Tickets for the next Sheffield show on Saturday, May 4 were snapped up within 10 minutes, but tickets remain available for Project House in Leeds on Sunday, May 5.

For those lucky enough to get a ticket, you won’t be disappointed. A great time to be had and wrapped up in bed by 9pm. What’s not to love?