Cannon Hall Farm is the star of new Channel 5 TV show 'This Week on the Farm'

A new TV series all about life at Cannon Hall Farm has launched on Channel 5.

Friday, 19th June 2020, 11:32 am
Updated Friday, 19th June 2020, 3:07 pm

The Nicholson family, from Cannon Hall Farm in South Yorkshire, have been entertaining the nation during lockdown, with their daily videos and regular updates on social media about life on the farm.

And now a new six-part series, ‘This Week on the Farm,’ is giving viewers the chance to step even further into the frenzy of farm life.

Robert Nicholson, one of three farming brothers that work alongside dad, Roger, said: "We are delighted that, off the back of the success of Springtime on the Farm, this new show has been commissioned.

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Rob and Dave with Jon Bon Pony (a Shetland pony)
Rob and Dave with Jon Bon Pony (a Shetland pony)

“We are excited that we can showcase our little corner of South Yorkshire to a wider audience.

"Due to the lockdown, our brother Richard has done quite a lot of the filming and Dave and I have picked up some presenting skills, so at a tough time, it's been a welcome distraction.

"Our growing audience who follow our Facebook live feeds are really excited to see the show as are we."

The show launched on June 16 and will run each Tuesday evening at 8pm.

Presenter Helen Skelton

Presenters Helen Skelton and Jules Hudson will bring audiences all the week’s action from Cannon Hall Farm – much of which has been filmed by the farmers themselves.

In this first episode, summer has arrived and, despite being busy looking after lots of new-born animals, the Nicholson brothers find the time to enter Ted the Highland Cow into an online country show.

Also on the farm, vet Matt has to attend to a tiny lamb with a broken leg, it's a battle of the wills between Dave and Arnie the ram at shearing time, and the boys build a brand new home for their latest breed - but will they be able to get it out of the workshop and into position on the farm?

Away from the host farm, viewers meet a furloughed worker who has swapped life as an investment fund distributor for asparagus, as he works as a vegetable picker in North Yorkshire.

Presenter Helen Skelton

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