Apple Watch launch: got a spare £13,500?

The Apple Watch
The Apple Watch
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If you’re so obsessed with your phone that you would rather have all your emails, tweets and texts pop up on a tiny screen on your wrist, you’re in luck: the Apple Watch is coming.

Following in the footsteps of last year’s Android smartwatch releases, the Apple Watch is the iPhone maker’s attempt to step into the fashion market at the same time as flogging millions more gadgets.

The watch starts at £299 for the smaller 38mm version, jumping to £339 for a larger 42mm digital chronograph. But the gold Watch - made with 24 carat precious metal - will cost a staggering £13,500.

Apple boasts the watch is fully customisable, so you can change the design on the face, swap the straps for different materials, sizes and colours.

The Apple Watch releases next week, but Apple says pre-orders are all sold out until June.

The tech is good, the screen bright, and customisation sets it apart. Whether it’s another iPhone-level success remains to be seen.