Eating out Sheffield: The 10 restaurants and cafes that have been handed a one-star food hygiene rating

Ten restaurants and cafes in Sheffield have been told they require 'major improvements' by the Food Standards Agency.

Sheffield currently has 10 restaurants and cafes that have been given a food hygiene rating of one. Following inspections from the Food Standards Agency, these venues were told they required major improvements to update their hygiene standards.

Each inspection is carried out by a food safety officer at Sheffield City Council to ensure that businesses follow food hygiene law so that the food they serve is safe for customers to eat.

The standards fall into three categories:

  • The hygienic handling of food
  • The cleanliness and condition of the facilities and building
  • The system or checks in place to ensure that food sold or served is safe to eat

Food venues are given an overall food hygiene rating of zero to five, with zero meaning urgent improvement is required, and five meaning hygiene standards are very good. The time between inspections of venues can vary from six months for businesses deemed the highest risk to public health, or two years for those with a lower risk.

Here are Sheffield’s current restaurants and cafes with a damning food hygiene rating of one, as of July 30, 2023.