Yes it’s Jess but without some things we expect!

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IT must be the biggest banner ever seen in Sheffield city centre. No problems there. Our Jess - if that’s what the city is entitled to call her - deserves it.

But I do have a grumble. Two, in fact.

Where’s the smile and where’s her abdomen? How can there be a Jess image without one or both?

It’s barely been possible for a week to go by this year without seeing a picture of Jessica Ennis in some newspaper or another. No grumbles on that score.

There has been a similar theme running through most of them because there has barely been one of them which hasn’t shown the most famous, and arguably nicest, abdomen in sport.

I’d like to bet that if someone stuck up a picture that just showed Jess’s uncovered middle, with no face, then you’d recognise whose middle it was, so often has it been exposed in the nation’s media.

Jess, with her crop top and running briefs and nothing in between, has become one of the iconic images in the build-up to these Olympics.

So, why is she covered up on the banner down the side of the John Lewis store? Perhaps it’s so big they could only get to the bottom of her top - or the top of her abdomen.

And why is she looking so glum and serious? That’s not our Jess.

She has a beautiful, natural, radiant smile. It lights up any picture I’ve seen. Great to see.

But the one on the wall, when you finally see it through the trees (chainsaw anyone?) has her in serious and focused mode. Perhaps that’s the message intended to send out. But without that smile and without the middle bit, it’s not the Jess I’ve been used to seeing.

Still, if she comes back with gold then, as far as I’m concerned, the next banner can have her in overalls. But I bet she’d be smiling!

By the way, fancy sleeping in Jess’s bed anyone?

Before any hands go up, she won’t be in it of course!

You’ll have to wait until the Olympics are over as well. That’s when the great bed sale goes ahead and all 11,000 or so beds from the athletes’ Olympic village go on sale.

In case you’re interested, they’re single beds for a knockdown £39.99 and come with a letter of authentication. The mattress, if you want it, will cost an extra £49.

Look out for some Olympic athletes wearing tape on legs, shoulders, arms and other parts of the body. Could be blue or probably flesh, ie Elastopast-coloured.

Some footballers were seen with it in Euro 2012 (Balotelli had some on his back) and it intrigued me.

Michael Lee, specialist physio and sports scientist from Abbeydale, is an expert in the Kinesio taping method and one of the few people in this country to have been taught by the doctor in Japan who invented Kinesio tape.

“It works by lifting the skin and and working on the muscle, providing support and stability to muscles and joints but without restricting the range of movement,” said Michael, one of the few certified practitioners for this taping method in England.

“I think you will see it used in the Olympics - it already is in the Premier League,” added Michael once with Sheffield United and now working for Leicester City (the players there use it).

The revolutionary tape has an elasticity similar to skin and has many different functions, even aiding the healing process. And doesn’t come off in the shower!