Yacht’s going on? Was it the real Maxwell or not?

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HE certainly won’t be there and I’m pretty certain the man who impersonated him won’t be there either when I get to Oxford United’s ground tomorrow.

Robert Maxwell, newspaper and publishing tycoon, was the man whose company defrauded many out of their pension before his fall from grace when, literally, he fell off his yacht one night and drowned. He used to be the owner and chairman of Oxford United.

I certainly well remember him at Oxford’s old ground, this big, brusque figure ordering every around, including the players, at a squad photograph set up on the pitch before the team’s final game one season to celebrate the fact they had got promotion.

On that occasion I was 100 per cent sure it was him. I can’t vouch for other occasions (mind you I wasn’t there!)

I just have the word of, believe or not, an accountant of Maxwell’s who has written a book about his experiences.

One of them offers up the remarkable insight that when Maxwell wasn’t at Oxford home games he had this lookalike double taking his place in the directors’ box!

If it didn’t fool those nearby, I imagine it convinced those in other parts of the ground!

They’ve struggled on for a few years now with just ONE shower for 11 players (plus subs). Oh, there’s also one also for the away teams, of course!

But, on Monday, a little light will be shed down a long, dark tunnel for the football and cricket teams of Oughtbridge WMSC.

The first sod will be turned to officially start building a new pavilion, the old one having been washed away during the big floods of June 2007.

With the playing area badly damaged as well, both cricket and football teams played elsewhere for a year and it cost them players.

The club returned, using temporary accommodation, and all the time club members and officials have worked strenously to move towards the day there will be a new facility (for community use as well) and certainly an end to the day of the single shower.

Mind you, cricket club chairman Chris Lingard was recalling footballing days when even a single shower would have been a luxury... after a game at Dungworth, they washed off by scooping up water from the freezing river nearby!

Came across a great quiz question this week and top marks to whoever dug it up. Pass it across your mates.

David Moyes has just celebrated 10 years as manager at Everton. Only four managers who were managing in the Premier League when Moyes started at Everton in 2002 are still managing in England.

Can you name them?

As for clues, well two are easy and don’t need clues. As for the others - one is currently managing in The Championship and the other in League Two.

One of them, of course, is Sir Alex Ferguson who came up with a smart bit of psychology last weekend when his side jumped above Manchester City into top spot last Sunday.

He quickly squashed any potential suggestion that it might be time to get nervous when becoming the front-runner by claiming that he was really happy to be going top at this time, it was more than welcome. Want to be there, looking forward to it.

No fear there then lads, was the message.

Anyway the quiz answers in addition to Fergie ... Arsene Wenger, Sam Allardyce and Micky Adams.