World’s best coach with sound advice for Sheffield football

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WE ALL knew about Lee Westwood and his recent world number one golf ranking but how many outside the golfing world knew about Pete Cowen?

Sheffield born and bred, a Wednesdayite who lives in Dronfield and works near Kimberworth Park and just happens to be the man the world’s top golfers go to when they’ve a problem with their game. The ‘swing whisperer’ has had them all at his driving range over the years - Westwood, Darren Clarke, Alejandro Canizares, Mark Foster, Sergio Garcia and Colin Montgomerie.

No-one in Europe has coached as many winners, and, as you would expect he has some fascinating insights into the minds of sportsmen and some observations on what it takes to get to the top.

Apart from ability of course.

“The three R’s,” he says. “Respect yourself, don’t be throwing tantrums, Respect the people who have helped you, parents, teachers and others.Take Responsibility for yourself and don’t blame others when things go wrong.”

Known as a golf coach all over the world it’s strange how minor players in other sports are in the news every day but a man at the top of golf can go through a career virtually unnoticed on his dorstep.

He was coach of the year last year and offers hope to all up and coming sports people with this advice.

“People don’t always know how they’ve won but they always know why they have lost. Champions are made in adversity.”

In that case our football teams should be flying for the new season.

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