Why Games have been a golden time for me

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NOW then, how often this past couple of weeks has someone said: “Enjoying the Olympics then?”

The answer, from all and sundry, is obvious. Those who haven’t enjoyed it, well, that’s their loss.

Then again, millions don’t like any sport and genuinely couldn’t care less. Except that any Olympics, particularly this one in our own country, has the power to interest the uninterested. Especially when it’s as good as this one has been.

I love how an Olympics attracts people who would never consider watching sport. I love how inspirational it is for everyone, particularly for youngsters.

Have I seen more people out jogging?

Seems like it.

Where have all the cyclists suddenly come from?

As for there being too much flag-waving, that’s tosh. Sorry, but we’ve been ultra-successful at the biggest sports event ever. Why not go over the top and celebrate?

The debate over funding for sports facilities has started and will rage on.

Know what? We’re going to miss it next week!

Anyway, what I’ve liked about the Olympics.

Our Jess. Our Jess winning gold.

The smile on Our Jess’s face on the podium because she just looked the happiest person in the world at that moment. And was.

The Chariots of Fire theme.

Guessing that if Gabby Logan’s hair was up last night then it would be down tonight.

Clare Balding, Ian Thorpe, Michael Johnson. And sundry experts.

Cycling. Rowing. Volleyball (not beach v’ball, not seen any).

The feelgood factor it has induced.

Keeping on winning.

Getting a lump in my throat.

The opening ceremony.

Seeing Doncaster’s Sarah Stevenson - after all she’s suffered in the past year or so - have the honour of reading the oath on behalf of all athletes at the opening ceremony.

The anticipation before the men’s 100m final.

What I’ve not liked

Missing out on lots of it.

People’s impatience when there were no expected early golds.

Some of the stupid things - like the local radio presenter asking: “Should we really be celebrating silver and bronze medals?” What a prat!

Being intolerant of non-sporting types asking silly things like: “If she (Jess) gets beaten (in the 800m) does she not get the gold?”

The re-naming of Great Britain. Now Team GB, making it a brand, and every person on the Beeb was obviously under strict instructions to call them that and only that.

People who’ve moaned about the Olympics.

Boris Johnson.

The all-pervading influence of the main sponsors.

The end of it all.

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