When will we ever learn to keep calm and carry on?

Real Madrid-coach Jose Mourinho
Real Madrid-coach Jose Mourinho
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Here we go again, again.

In our super-slick, digitally facing, real-time web-analytical world where search engine optimisation (getting your name at the top of Google search results list) is more important than what you actually have to offer, we still keep making the same, age-old mistake.

We delude ourselves into thinking we know what’s going on.

We can track every cyber cough and spit live and have sports analysts from Michael Vaughan to the Neville brothers project and predict into the future from what happened 30 seconds ago.

And then do it again 30 seconds later with different results. Somehow we divorce experience from our current snapshot of reality.

We knew really that Chelsea had not won the Premier League by mid-November but allowed ourselves to be ‘pundited’ into submission. Then a win for City and a Chelsea draw and it’s all bets off.


We know really that teams like Manchester United and Arsenal in their pomp have blown ten point leads in March - let alone November - and lost the title.

But somehow we join in the slightly hysterical crush of current opinion that has to be 100 per cent certain what’s going to happen 100 per cent of the time.

And when it turns out to be guesswork nonsense they can tell us how shocked they are that everyone - especially the club that ‘blew it’ - got it wrong.

Listen to Praise or Grumble. Callers trot out the same lines about teams, expectations and what must happen and who must go because today things are like THIS and that can’t be allowed to go on.

How does that work? How can we be so dim, so often? Have we no memories between us?

Like the bit of our brain that knows it was December 1 yesterday but wasn’t connected to the part of the brain that should have reminded you to buy an advent calendar for the kids.

Or the fact that you know you’re going to your mother-in-law’s on December 12 but you arrange to go to the pub after work a week on Friday - because in our silly heads they don’t seem to be the same day.

Football history and football present are connected and we know a lot more than we think.

Keep calm, engage brain and don’t believe the tripe.