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You might saying it is a sport making a big splash in Sheffield. Certainly the city is a leader when it comes to water polo.

According to Peter Monk, secretary of the City of Sheffield Water Polo club, the sport is extremely popular here and its popularity is growing all the time.

“Sheffield is a big water polo playing town, the best in Yorkshire,” says Peter.

“We have an excellent reputation as a strong, successful club and as a progressive one and we have a burgeoning junior section.”

The captain of the GB’s women’s team at the London Olympics, Rotherham’s Fran Leighton, was a member of the club with the women’s team three times british champions.

The club’s success has seen two junior squads invited for the first time to a leading international youth tournament in Andorra later this summer featuring teams from Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Croatia and Greece.

Training at Ponds Forge, the club - regarded as a ‘beacon club’ within the sport with an Academy from ages 10 and 11- will send teams at Under 13 and Under 15 level to the prestige tournament and Peter says it will be great experience for them all.