Warping Drain great place to catch tench

Bob Roberts with a typical Warping Drain tench
Bob Roberts with a typical Warping Drain tench
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One of my all-time favourite fish species is the tench. It is synonymous with misty mornings and warm summer evenings.

It is totally a fish of late spring and early summer. Few ever get caught outside this period for some reason.

They are traditional fish, most at home in estate lakes, weedy ponds and land drains. Tench are most certainly not a prolific species in commercial fisheries and that’s perhaps what makes it a special treat for me to target them. To fish with a red tipped float using simple baits like bread, sweetcorn and worms presented close to marginal weeds and especially lily pads takes me back to my youth long before commercials were even though of.

It’s an honest fish. Grows to a decent size and fights terrifically hard, but the opportunity to catch tench in numbers is rare these days. That’s why we should treasure the Warping Drain which runs for approximately five miles from near Park Drain to Owston Ferry on the Isle of Axholme barely 20 minutes drive from Doncaster.

The drain is totally wild. Marsh Harriers can be spotted working the fields alongside it. The water is crystal clear but don’t let that fool you. It’s full of hard fighting tench and the access is superb. There are plenty of spots where you can park on the roadside verge next to the floodbank.

I spent an evening there last week trying out a few pole rigs and hooked ten tench averaging around 4lb each on nothing more complicated than a handful of expander pellets. I call that wonderful sport and it comes at a bargain price. The whole drain is available on the new Scunthorpe Amalgamated year book, which includes several fabulous River Trent stretches, the Upper Witham, canals and lakes galore for just £30 a year. Indeed a concession ticket costs just £20. How brilliant is that when a commercial peg can set you back £6- £8 a day?

I shall certainly be having some more of this fantastic tench fishing and if you would like to try it then why not go online at www.scunthorpepoliceangling.com and click the join button.

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