Triathlete Brownlee claims Doncaster title despite superb Thewlis run

International triathlete Jonathan Brownlee (Bingley) ran a superb race to win the Yorkshire Cross Country title at Doncaster yesterday with the team honours going to Hallamshire for the second successive year.

Pushed hard by Jon Thewlis (Notts AC), a former Rotherham athlete, Brownlee applied the pressure on the last lap and went away to win by 25 seconds looking as though he could have done another lap at the same speed.

The younger of the two triathlon stars, Jonathan's brother Alistair could have provided his toughest opposition but he has only just returned to training following a foot injury.

Thewlis continued to run strongly and was well clear of Rotherham's Phil Hoole, bronze medallist for the second year.

Oxford Blue Andy Heyes led the Hallamshire squad to victory with a gutsy performance for fourth place, with Rob Little eighth and Andy Thake, ninth together for most of the race. It was a great start for the Hallamshire team and victory was sealed by Tom Jenkins, 13th, Rob Baker, 17th and Dave Archer, 19th in almost a carbon copy of last year's result with Northern champions Leeds City again pushed into second place.

The women's title went to international marathon runner Susan Partridge (Leeds City) and she led Leeds to a team victory. A below strength Hallamshire team put up a good performance. Although they were unable to retain their title, they claimed the bronze medals. Nicola Squires led them home in 12th place with Julia Russell, 15th, Ruth Proctor, 19th and Michelle Jenkins, 24th, packing well.

Hallamshire's Hatti Dean was a spectator having run in the BUPA International in Edinburgh the previous day. Dean had another fine run, finishing fifth in a race won by Linet Masai of Kenya. She was one place behind Charlotte Purdue, who won the European Junior Championship for Britain, bur ahead of other top British athletes Steph Twell and Liz Yelling.

Fiona Bell (Hallamshire) was an impressive winner of the under 17 women's race and Hallamshire had silver medallists Natalie Hackett (under 15) and Mary McCarthy (under 13)

The Northern Racing College was a new venue for this race and provided a top class course for this meeting which was run jointly by Humberside.

Results - Men: 1 J Brownlee (Bingley) 37:05; 2 J Thewlis (Notts AC) 37:30; 3 P Hoole (Rotherham) 38:14; 4 A Heyes (Hallamshire) 38:33; 5 J Thomas (Cardiff) 38:36; 6 M Hilton (Leeds City) 38:40; 7 J Hallas (Wakefield) 38:41; 8 R Little (Hallamshire) 38:51; 9 A Thake (Hallamshire) 38:53; 10 I Mitchell (Tipton) 38:552; 13 T Jenkins (Hallamshire) 39:19; 17 R Baker (Hallamshire) 40:03; 19 D Archer (Hallamshire) 40:17

Teams: 1 Hallamshire 70; 2 Leeds City 85; 3 Bingley 175

Junior Men 1 M Wood (Leeds City) 28:43; 2 D Davis (Leeds City) 28:48; 3 J Clark (City of Sheffield) 29:09; 4 A Newton (City of Sheffield) 29:09; 8 J Gray (City of Sheffield) 29:50

Team: Leeds City

Under 17 Men 1 G Benson (Leeds City) 21:00; 2 M Scott (Richmond and Zetland) 21:05; 3 J Lamswood (Kingston upon Hull) 21:21

Team: Richmond and Zetland

Under 15 Boys 1 M Wharton (Halifax) 16:24; 2 E Stones (Scunthorpe) 16:25; 3 A Smith (Pudsey and Bramley) 16:36; 10 L Cotter (Rotherham) 17:27

Team: 1 Halifax; 2 Rotherham

Under 13 Boys 1 J Schofield (City of York) 11:47; 2 J Shields (City of Sheffield) 11:56; 3 A Kettlewell (Holmfirth) 12:04; 4 A Manthorpe (City of Sheffield) 12:15; 7 D Stead (Rotherham) 12:24;

Team: City of York

Women 1 S Partridge (Leeds City) 22:18;2 B Penty (City of York) 22:34; 3 J Briscoe (Wakefield) 23:09; 4 K Clark (Kingston upon Hull) 23;13; 5 L Brown (Scarborough) 23:21; 6 J Buckley (Bingley) 23:28; 7 J Walsh (Spenborough, junior) 23:31; 8 L Kirk (Skyrac) 23:33; 9 J Maddick (Kingston upon Hull) 23:38; 10 M Wilkinson (Bingley) 23:46; 12 N Squires (Hallamshire) 24:13; 15 J Russell (Hallamshire) 24:35; 19 R Proctor (Hallamshire) 24:48

Teams: 1 Leeds City 50; 2 Bingley 60; 3 Hallamshire 70

Under 17 Women 1 F Bell (Hallamshire) 18:13; 2 S Smith (Wakefield) 18:25; 3 J Lonsdale (Kingston upon Hull) 18:36; 19 B Ansell (City of Sheffield) 19:43

Team: Wetherby

Under 15 Girls 1 B Owen (Scarborough) 15:51; 2 N Hackett (Hallamshire) 16:30; 3 R Firth (Wakefield) 17:00; 9 E Pound (City of Sheffield) 17:43

Team: 1 Wakefield; 2 Hallamshire

Under 13 Girls 1 E Eadon (City of York) 12:39; 2 M McCarthy (Hallamshire) 12:51; 3 I Wilson (Hallamshire) 12:52

Team: 1 Wakefield; 2 Hallamshire

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