TONI’S TALK: Our preparation is great, now bring on the Games

Toni Minichiello
Toni Minichiello
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I’M happy.

The position we’re in at the moment, just over three weeks until Jess begins the heptathlon competition in London, is a good one.

We were pleased with her display in her final event before the Olympics last weekend in Loughborough.

Jess’s performance on the runway in the long jump was a lot better and while we’d have wanted a few more centimetres in the javelin it was still close to 45 metres, which is what she’s been consistently throwing.

Although Jess’s results in the long jump and javelin aren’t as eye-catching as when she does the hurdles it’s worth remembering that it’s all preparation for the heptathlon.

I liken it to keeping seven plates spinning at the same time. We can’t neglect her strong events because we want to keep those strong.

But at the same time she has to improve and get better in every discipline.

Also, nothing beats actually competing in the heptathlon itself. Doing an individual event is fine but you don’t get the context of doing, say, the long jump as the fifth event on the second day.

Now we’re into that phase where we just want the Olympics to start.

We’ve still got 20-odd days of training left so there’s still lots to do.

It’s always a funny time of the cycle between events. When we get to the training camp in Portugal later this month, where the Team GB track and field squad will be based, it will feel like we’re nearly there.

Portugal has happy memories for us. It is where we were based before the World Championships in Berlin in 2009 and also before the Barcelona European Championships in 2010.

We’re still trying to keep everything as normal as possible but sometimes it’s difficult. We were sat having lunch this week in Leeds after a javelin session and about 20 people came over asking for Jess for photographs and autographs.

The support she has is amazing.