The best of this week’s sport on the web by Richard Fidler

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IT’S back! The football is one thing, but the chance to have your say to the world on the football message boards is surely the best way to get over the Olympic summer.

Within minutes of the final whistle being blown on the opening matches of the news season the comments were flying in on

ZlinOwl was delighted at the Owls draw and had some advice for unbeaten boss Dave Jones: “Make Kirkland captain, outstanding keeper and kept us in the game. His front four were at fault for both goals NOT HIM, goal keeper as captain makes sense, can see his front four midfield and strikers. Things will change now Rodri and Baxter on board, very astute signings onward and upward.”

Whinny1971 was equally upbeat: “Play like we did in the 2nd half and we will do just fine. Play like we did in the first and were going straight back down! Great game of football overall I thought. Didn’t think that second goal was ever gonna come the later it got. But when it did, wow! I would loved to have been opposite seeing 6,000 of us shaking the stand to its foundations. The support yesterday was incredible. Proud to be a Wednesdayite.

The Blades started with a win, which delighted their followers. Mancblade said: “For Shrewsbury it was a win win situation. A game they were expected to lose and so had nothing to lose. A big day out and on the up after being promoted. We are under pressure and expected to win every game we go into this season. Clean sheet and a win is fine with me. We’ve already been pulled up by Owls fans for looking attractive last season but not delivering. Yesterday wasn’t polished. but we won and for that I’m happy.

And Silverblade liked United going down a well trodden path... “Yep a win is a win but still looking a bit dodgy at times, but hey if we can do a Charlton and nick these type of games we can’t complain, keep it going and who knows we might just be flukey like some other team no names mentioned.”

It was Rotherham United’s big day with their first match at the New York Stadium. A 3-0 victory was the icing on the cake. Mygiddypant on had a fantastic time: “What a wonderful day! It was great walking down Rotherham’s own ‘Wembley Way’ with so many people, and particularly good to see so many youngsters. Anyone going for the first time must have been impressed.”