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SO now we know.

For the time being the city is Owls’ and the boys in red and white will have to battle their way through the play-offs if they’re to share bragging rights throughout the summer.

As you’d expect the message boards were buzzing with comment. One of the first to post on was silverblade, who said: “Well done Owls the table doesn’t lie. Credit where it’s due. You beat us to second fair and square, let’s hope we make it in the playoff’s, but our confidence is shattered.”

WatchinThePhoenix wants Sheffield to come out the winner when all is said and done: “Wednesday have done it now come on United, it really would be massive if we both got promoted.”

Ayrshire Owl reflected on a great afternoon at Hillsborough: “The day after it feels even better. But I do feel sympathy for any team that picks up 90 points and doesn’t get promoted. Just hard lines that they found two teams even better than them, but I join in with all those who wish the Blades well in the play-offs. Derbies in the Championship, and another season’s rivalry like this one, that’s what we all want. So long as we come out on top, of course.”

PaulSheffield agreed, albeit with a slight caveat: “Any right minded fan in Sheffield would want you up, obviously not at our expense but the benefits for both clubs and the city are huge, plus we get the chance for 6 easy points.”

Mancblade was straight to the point with sportsmanship: “Congratulations Owls, you deserve it, we didnt.”

While lanzarote owl was looking ahead of next season already: “Fantastic day, but it´s not the end, it´s not even the beginning of the end, but it may be the end of the beginning of our quest for the Premier League!”

Sheffielderinthesouth had a point to make about the fans who ran on the Hillsborough turf at the end of the match on Saturday: “Amazing day yesterday - the atmosphere was fantastic with everyone just really enjoying the game.

“I was on the Kop and although we didnt play too well to see that Exeter score come up just made my day!

“Cannot WAIT for next season now, got a good feeling about it provided we can make some good signings!

“On a side note though I was annoyed with the idiots that ruined the lap of honour by ambushing the players when they had their little lads with em.”

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