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Penistone and Stocksbridge MP, Angela Smith celebrated the success of her local Taekwondo club with a special visit.

Quest Taekwondo welcomed Angela Smith to the home of Quest Taekwondo at Penistone Grammar School.

It comes after Quest secured Clubmark status and its founder, Master Mike McKenzie, 7th Dan, was awarded the coach of the year title by South Yorkshire Sport.

Mike was a member of the delegation that successfully lobbied for taekwondo to be included in the Olympic Games and also took on the role of sport manager for taekwondo at the Games in 2012.

He will be showing Angela Smith MP how he uses his experience to deliver the Olympic legacy through Quest Taekwondo and to inspire its members young and old.

Founded in 1988, the club has gone from strength to strength to become the established and well-known club it is today.

International medal winning athletes train side by side with parents and their children. Each member is supported fully at his or her own level with a variety of classes throughout the week.

Quest has more than 100 members, ranging from just four years old up to 50.

* For more information about the club and its events, visit http://www.questtaekwondo.org/.