Nick Matthew column: US training camp will play a big role in extending my career

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I have really missed my two-week training camp at Williams College in Massachusetts.

Because of the Commonwealth Games and my knee injury, I wasn’t able to go in 2014 and 2015.

The trip to the States is a big part of my pre-season preparations which is why I’m happy I can do it again this year.

I would liken my boot camp to Sheffield Wednesday’s warm-weather training in the Algarve. You have a block when you are at home and get everybody together and then you go away and focus on a more specific type of training.

When you have completed your warm-weather training, it is only a matter of weeks before the season kicks off so that’s when you fine-tune everything.

I flew out last weekend and hopefully I will be sharp after the training camp.

The facilities at the university campus are great. We pretty much have the full run of the facilities because there are not many college kids around over the summer.

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It has got everything I need from top-drawer squash courts to a fantastic gym. There’s even an Olympic pool and athletics track which I can use.

My coach Neil Guirey has travelled over with me and there are other players who I’m training with. It is the perfect set-up for me. There are no distractions so I can just get my head down and train.

It is an intense, hard camp. It usually consists of three sessions a day.

In my morning session, I try to mix things up. Some days I do bike work. Others I might do yoga or swimming.

I have taken my bike this time around so I’m hopeful of going and checking out the mountains a couple of times.

After the early morning workout, we coach the local kids for three hours.

I normally do a bit of track work in the afternoon as well as some court sessions and possibly weights work.

I switch off in the evening. I might play nine holes of golf with Neil. It is important to have a bit of down time.

This camp shows how serious I still am about doing well in the sport. I might not have too many more years left but I’ve made a big sacrifice in spending two weeks away from my family. It is an investment in myself which they understand.

Obviously I miss my wife Esme and daughter Charlotte but if I’m going to have any longevity in my career these next two weeks will play a big role.