Nick Matthew column: It is soul-destroying for squash that we keep getting overlooked for the Olympics

Jessica Ennis-Hill
Jessica Ennis-Hill
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What an Olympics it was for the Great Britain team.

To pick up 67 medals, with 27 golds, and finish second in the medal table is a phenomenal achievement.

I watched a lot of Rio from afar as I was on a training camp in the US but I was so happy Jessica Ennis-Hill, Nicola Adams, the Brownlee brothers and company did so well.

But I wouldn’t be human if I didn’t get a little jealous of the athletes.

I don’t know what more squash has to do to become an Olympic sport.

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We haven’t been included in the 2020 programme. We missed out to skateboarding and surfing.

It’s one thing losing out to golf, which is clearly bigger commercially than squash and nobody can argue that, but I would love to know the facts and figures on skateboarding and surfing and how it compares to squash.

Skateboarding didn’t even have a national federation in GB until six months ago. I know that for a fact because a friend of mine set it up for them.

It just makes you think what’s going on and what does squash have to do to get in.

It is a very sad that we feel like we are banging our heads against a brick wall.

Squash always seems to get to the front of the queue and then other people push in. It’s what seems to happen every time. Next time it will probably be snooker or darts that is chosen ahead of our sport.

It is incredibly disappointing and soul-destroying for everyone connected with squash.

I would swap my three world titles for an Olympic gold medal. One hundred per cent.

Squash is participated worldwide. We do everything we can to make the sport more global.

If we were in the Olympics, it would be the pinnacle of our sport.