Sprint Dandy backed to pip Pippins

GREYHOUNDSTHERE are more candidates for best bet of the night than you could shake a stick at but, after almost having my home blown away in a freak mini tornado on Monday, I suppose anything will look good to me at this moment in time.

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 27th September 2007, 1:57 pm
Updated Friday, 28th September 2007, 9:54 am

However, Sabbys Blue, War Admiral, Blonde Becks, all carry strong claims in my book, but the two that stand out even more are Carrigeen Dandy, in the sprint and Magnamatchplay several races earlier.

Given a trouble-free run Dandy should justify my nap vote, the threat coming from the wide-running, in-form, Pippins Star.

Owlerton tonight: 6.38 (500m): Northgate Sandy, Baileys Beauty, IRRESISTABLE SAM, Finnure Fairy, Royston Denis (W), Confident Fawn (W). 6.56 (500): Tinto Berano, Jadella(W), Howling Annie (W), DAUGHTERS GIFT, Attykitt Glory, Lady Brett (W). 7.11 (500): Mandeville Tina, Forest Diamond, ADAMANT ROCKY, Royston Trio, GerrosOn Fire, Aussie Regal (W). 7.26 (660): Adamant Tess, Russanda Tara, Lady Val (W), Swiss Duchess, STORMYJACKO, Stepaside Mini. 7.42 (500):Im A Celebrity, Dukeries Anton, Russanda Sammy, MI STARR, Melted Snow (W), Prehistoric (W). 7.58 (500): Siddalls Blue, Emico, Laddie Mactaz, DURHAM HERO, Shenfield Fizz (W), Liberal Monarch(W). 8.13 (500): Hes The Guy, Dark Destiny, Dance Kirstie, MAGNAMATCHPLAY, Big Gin, Royston Frankie (W). 8.28 (500): Sandhill Jet, Legend Blue, Lowgate Mensa, SABBYS BLUE, Helenas Max, Sniper The Devil(W). 8.43 (500): Plumber Woody, WISE SCHOLAR, Fast Guy, Tirkane Destiny, Rhincrew Mystic (W), Capitol Hill (W). 8.58 (500): Droopys In Front, Maglass Lass, Russanda Trudy, Boozed Decision, WAR ADMIRAL (W), Ellas Blue Champ (W).9.14 (500): Florida Major, BLONDE BECKS, Stepaside Storm, Magna Angel, DarkRumour, Rhincrew Miller (W). 9.33 (500): Tober Lizzie, Jeppas Dream, Onward And Up, Confused Pongo (W),RABS BRAD, Russanda Rico. 9.50 (280): Blister Darcy, Flappers Dream, Lady Jan, MOONIE MACTAZ, Stormy Megan, Porkahontus Pie (W).10.07 (280): Logandyke Ranger, Sky Dancer, CARRIGEEN DANDY (nap), Russanda Cas, Sheer Guts (W), Pippins Star(W). 10.23 (500): Sandhill Saphire, Wortley Flyer, MINNIES FORTRESS, Erased (W), Moyola Moor (W),Rosies Diamond (W).10.40 (660): Magna Mane, Russanda Pinto, Hondo Betty, Dukeries Pearl, Roman Princess, HEE HAWS MANDELA(W).