Wounded Tiger on the prowl

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Sheffield Tigers’ skipper Simon Stead expects to be in the side for Thursday’s Premier League clash with form side Plymouth Devils at Owlerton.

Stead crashed out of King’s Lynn’s clash with Coventry on Friday night and aggravated his already-injured shoulder and suffered muscle and soft tissue damage to his left leg.

But he doesn’t expect to have to miss any matches this week for Sheffield or his Elite League side.

He said: “I had physiotherapy over the weekend and it is booked in this week too, so I expect to be back riding for King’s Lynn tomorrow and then obviously Sheffield on Thursday night.

“It (the crash) just upset the old shoulder injury but it means I’ll have to work twice as hard to make sure that I’m okay.

“It is pretty painful, but with the leg there isn’t really much I can do.

“I’ve got some stretches to do and massage helps a bit, but it is tough. It’s part and parcel of the job though, sometimes you just get in a bad run.

“I just need a few weeks without getting off the bike, if I can have a clean run without crashing it’ll let everything heal and I’ll be alright.

“You can go years and years without injuring your shoulder, it just so happens that I’ve had four crashes this year and every one has knocked it!” said Stead.

“I’m not 100% at all, but a few good weeks and I’ll be back fully fit. I’ve got a really good physio and he’s been great for me, the latest crash is a bit of a setback but nothing serious and I’m confident I’ll be leading the boys on Thursday.”

Plymouth have recently added talented young Dane Mikkel Bech to their side in the surprise move of the Premier League so far this season.

And they’re also hoping to have talented Australian Ty Proctor back in their side after a recent injury problem.