Tigers season could be over

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TIGERS appear to have raced their last home meeting of the season.

The postponement of last Thursday’s Premier Challenge Trophy clash with Ipswich has left the club with a lack of alternative dates as the Witches are also a Thursday night club. And club owner Neil Machin is far from satisfied with the situation.

“It is an impossible situation,” he said.

“We can’t stage the meeting on a Thursday because that’s Ipswich’s race night as well and our alternative race day, Sunday, is a non-starter because there are events planned for the next three weeks.

“But we wouldn’t have been in this mess had the three northern tracks not taken it upon themselves to be grouped together. It was never a case of the six tracks being put together on a northern and southern basis, that was never agreed. I’ve asked the British Speedway Promoters’ Association to tell us who made the decision and they can’t answer.

“It would make sense to have the groups on a regional basis and normally there’d be no problem with that - but had we been able to discuss the matter then it would have been made clear that grouping Ipswich, who have so many commitments, with another Thursday track would have been stupid.”