Team re-build for Tigers

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TIGERS owner Neil Machin has admitted club bosses are already casting an eye towards next season with their team plans.

And he says the performances of the riders in the remaining weeks of the campaign will go a long way towards deciding who stays for 2012.

With Shane Parker making it known he is quitting to return to Australia with his family and question marks over other team places there appears to be a strong possibility of a team overhaul in the winter. There has been some discontent between riders and management on occasions this term and Machin says team spirit is something they’ll be looking to focus on during their building programme.

He said: “We’re not writing this season off, far from it. In fact, it is an opportunity for the remaining weeks of the season to see who may or may not focus in our plans for 2012. We will be keeping a close eye on some of the riders because there have been times this season when certain team members have let the team down.

“Eric Boocock, myself and David Hoggart will be keeping an eye in the way things progress in the second phase of the Premier League fixtures.”