Speedy Sheffield Tigers return looms for Andre

Andre Compton
Andre Compton
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Andre Compton is in line to return to the Sheffield side quicker than expected.

But that could spell bad news for two riders who will have to make way in a team reshuffle which has been made more urgent by the injury to Arthur Sissis.

Sissis crashed at Berwick on Saturday and is likely to miss the rest of the season with shoulder ligament damage. His collarbone separated from the shoulder.

Co-promoter Damien Bates said: “We may be forced to release a rider we really don’t want to. It’s the nature of the game we’re in. The riders have to be aware of this, I’m not prepared to sit around feeling sorry for myself or the club, we have to get on with it and try and do something.

“It’s unlikely anything will happen in time for Thursday against Edinburgh, but the option to bring Andre back into the team is there for us. I want to bring Andre back but we have to make a tough decision..it’s part of the job we don’t like doing.

“Arthur was brilliant at Berwick and he’s done enough this season to show us what he’s capable of. I think it’s unlikely he will ride again this year, unless a miracle happens.”

Bates’ comments suggest a middle order man could be forced to make way for Compton and a replacement for Sissis – but they will rely on guest replacements on Thursday.