Speedway: Sheffield Tigers chief sorry for ‘semi off’ decision

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NEIL MACHIN has apologised for his haste in calling off Thursday’s British Championship Semi-final.

The Tigers owner abandoned the meeting at midday after consulting local forecasters, who predicted poor weather throughout the evening.

Those weather conditions never arrived, though, and much of the city was bathed in sunshine throughout the day.

And Machin wants to apologise to the public: “We were expecting abject weather conditions and they just never arrived, and that made our decision to call off the meeting look a bit silly.

“I want to say sorry to anyone who was inconvenienced by the abandonment but our intention was the exact opposite.

“We wanted to prevent and minimise any inconvenience to fans and riders having to travel long distances and the last thing we wanted was for people to travel a long way for an inevitable postponement.

“We believed that it would be incredibly difficult for the meeting to take place in the conditions it needs to take place in and that’s why I made the decision I did.

“It wasn’t a case of the track being waterlogged, it was purely down to the fact that the forecasts were so poor. They have been pretty accurate all year but on this occassion they weren’t and for that we apologise.

“Ultimately, I am the one who picks up the tab and I can assure you that I did not want to have to cancel the meeting, because that is not good for Sheffield speedway. I understand we inconvenienced a certain number of people and I hold my hands up and admit that I made a mistake.

Last night’s clash at Somerset was postponed due to rain.