Speedway: Rain is a pain for Tigers as new man has to wait

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Tigers are on the verge of making a new signing - after agreeing terms with a rider.

And that will spell bad news for one of the current riders, although the change can only be made if new averages come into effect.

For that to happen, they need to race at Scunthorpe tonight after the teams were denied at Owlerton last night thanks to heavy rain which left the track waterlogged.

Joint boss David Hoggart was understandably frustrated as the former champions were left counting the cost of an expensive washout which could have further implications.

He said: “Our assessed riders get averages after the next away meeting and once we’ve completed that we can look at team-building. It depends how the averages work out for us, then we can see what changes we can make, but we don’t want to wait even longer.

“We’ve agreed terms with a rider but a lot of things have happened, we don’t want to but we could end up losing that rider because he’s already waited for us. He’s been very patient with us, and we’re confident we can get him on board, but you can’t expect riders with a living to earn to wait forever.

“Tonight’s meeting needs to happen, but so did last night’s meeting really. We want to try and strengthen the team but there’s various factors to consider before we do.”

On last night’s fixture, Hoggart says the club gave it every chance to go ahead but just couldn’t beat the rain.

He said: “Whatever way you look at it, it’s a disaster really. We got right up until start time and the riders would have raced if we asked them to, but common sense had to prevail. We couldn’t send them out on the track because it would have been too dangerous, so there was only one decision really.”