Skidmore’s big chance for the Tigers

Survivor: Hugh Skidmore
Survivor: Hugh Skidmore
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TIGERS owner Neil Machin says Hugh Skidmore is facing up to the most important season of his career.

Machin made the young Australian one of his first signings of the winter and he is one of only two survivors from last year’s team – Emiliano Sanchez is the other.

And Skidmore has been told he must aim to put a point on his average if he is to continue his rise up the ladder.

Said Machin: “Hugh is a good lad and we are delighted to be working with him again, this is a very important season for him.

“He’s very popular with the fans here at Owlerton and he always gives it his best. This is a great opportunity for him to step forward and become one of the leading lights in our team.

“If he can stay focussed and stay clear of injury then this could be the season when he really makes a difference and he can establish himself as a heat leader in the Premier League.

“We know what the lad can do around Sheffield and if he can step up to the plate away from home then he will become a better rider. It’s great to have him back.”