Stead pleasantly surprised as injury-hit Tigers shock rivals

Kyle Howarth top scored for Sheffield in the win over Glasgow.
Kyle Howarth top scored for Sheffield in the win over Glasgow.
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Stunned Sheffield boss Simon Stead says his side proved anything is possible with their shock 49-44 win at Glasgow.

The Window Centre Tigers were severely understrength as they travelled to Scotland, with Lasse Bjerre (injury) and Georgie Wood (illness) joining Todd Kurtz and Josh Bates on the sidelines.

It left club bosses with a frantic race against time to secure guest replacements which ultimately proved unsuccessful as they utilised two local development league riders just to track a full team.

Despite being effectively reduced to just four riders, they astonished their SGB Championship title rivals to condemn them to their first home defeat of the year.

And a delighted Stead admitted even he never expected his side to come up trumps given the circumstances.

“I’ve got to say, I am surprised by the result in all honesty,” Stead said. “I always believed we could get something out of the meeting, but to get the win was an incredible effort from the team.

“Lewis Kerr was a great guest for us, then the three Sheffield riders we had really stepped up. Josh Grajczonek and Kyle Howarth rode like they were possessed, and Jan Graversen more than did his job as well.

“It was a stunning effort in the circumstances, one we could be really proud of, and it was fantastic to head back with a victory.

“Obviously there were a lot of teams riding, so the guest options were limited when we tried to sort things out. The guys that did fit in and were available didn’t want to do it, which was disappointing as they are the sort of riders who say they want more meetings but didn’t take the chance.

“We went with what we could get, and I’ve got to say thanks to the guys that did step in at the last minute. They gave their best, enabled us to compete with a full line-up and did what they could, but we were very weakened which makes the result even more remarkable and even sweeter I guess. I don’t think anyone expected us to win when they saw that team, myself included to be honest, so it just goes to show anything is possible in this sport.”

GLASGOW 44: Richard Lawson 11, Aaron Summers 10+1, Ryan Douglas 8+2, Richie Worrall 6+1, Tom Perry 6, Jack Smith 3, Nike Lunna r/r.

SHEFFIELD 49: Kyle Howarth 16+1, Josh Grajczonek 15, Lewis Kerr 10+1, Jan Graversen 8, Blair Smith 0, Kevin Whelan 0, Lasse Bjerre r/r.