Sheffield Tigers set for three-meeting 1,000-mile marathon

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Sheffield will travel almost a thousand miles this weekend as they face the unenviable task of three meetings in three days.

The Tigers take on Scunthorpe at home on Thursday, before making the 290 mile trip to Plymouth for a Premier League clash on Friday night. They then travel all the way up to Berwick on Saturday (470 miles!) before making the 190 mile trip back to Sheffield on Sunday.

That is as hectic a fixture list as a team can have in the Premier League and it will be a huge test for the Tigers septet, but Neil Machin insists there was nothing that he could do to change it.

“This weekend’s schedule has raised a lot of eyebrows and we all know that it is far from ideal, but it is a classic case of just having to fit our meetings in wherever we can.

“People are wondering why on earth we have accepted the schedule but it is a case of having to, I haven’t gone mad!

“The poor weather earlier in the season has forced our hand and there was genuinely no alternative.

“It’s going to be hard on the boys because we are looking at about 1000 miles all told, but that’s the situation we are in and we have to get on with it.

“They are three important meetings, and at one stage it looked like the two Premier League Cup meetings (against Scunthorpe and Berwick) might not mean an awful lot.

“We’ve dragged ourselves back into a position where they carry great significance and we now have an excellent chance of progressing in the competition, while it would be great to get our first Premier League away win on Friday. It’s going to be a big weekend.”