Sheffield speedway: Stead on his way back

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Simon Stead is back in the gym – but he’s refusing to say whether he’ll be back to help Sheffield in the play-offs.

Once again, Stead misses out tonight when Tigers face Scunthorpe with Australian ace Brady Kurtz standing in. Club bosses want Stead to ride in the end of season shootout for the league title if at all possible – but he hasn’t been on a bike since his crash at Rye House in April.

Stead said: “Things are going well and I’m getting stronger every day, it’s very encouraging. I’ve been working in the gym and hydrotherapy pool at the Northern General. The key aspect to all this will be my next appointment at the hospital on August 14 when I’ll get a clear indication of how good the progress is and how the bones have healed. I think it’s a long shot to say I’ll ride again this season, I can’t see it at this stage. I was flying at the start of the season, picking up big scores everywhere, and there’s no way I can come back and start doing that again.

“I’ll just see what the specialist says and take things from there.”

Kurtz makes his fifth appearance as a replacement for Stead tonight and Nicolai Klindt makes his home debut for the club.

Jason Garrity is expected to ride despite suffering knee damage when racing for Elite League Coventry last week and he missed Saturday’s trip to Workington as a result. Josh Bates is ready to race despite suffering bruised ribs on Saturday. “The lads have done brilliant without me,” said Stead. “I’m sure they can keep it going against Scunthorpe.”

SHEFFIELD: Brady Kurtz, Paco Castagna, David Bellego, Nicolai Klindt, Jason Garrity, Josh Bates, Arthur Sissis.

SCUNTHORPE: Zdnek Holub, Alex Davies, Theo Pijper, Carl Wilkinson, Ryan Douglas, Tero Aarnio, Nike Lunna.