Sad way to end Championship

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DAVID Hoggart has expressed his sadness at the way Sunday’s Premier League Riders’ Championship ended.

The league’s top individual meeting was on course to be one of the best for years until a spate of incidents marred the afternoon and left just two riders competing in the final, which was won by Cumbrian Craig Cook.

Josh Auty, Rene Bach and Jason Doyle all took heavy tumbles, with Auty and Doyle taking trips to hospital with arm and neck injuries.

Hoggart, who is the BSPA event co-ordinator as well as Sheffield’s team manager, was upset with how the meeting finished.

He said: “It’s a real shame because we’d had some great racing throughout the qualifying races. We had a lot of riders around the same standard and they were all giving it everything, unfortunately we had three guys all come to grief.

“It was so disappointing because we had a great crowd, a fantastic atmosphere and 20 brilliant heats. Because of the crashes there were so many disruptions that it was impossible to build up to the normal exciting climax at the end of the meeting. It wasn’t the way we’d all have liked it to finish.”

Sheffield’s Richard Hall was the most spectacular rider on view but again suffered mechanical failure.